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Navajo (Dine’) artist, Ronald Chee, is known for his contemporary approach to traditional Native subject matter. Primarily self-taught, Mr. Chee began drawing horses as a young boy, and selling his work to tourists passing through Indian Country.

Nowadays, Mr. Chee uses vibrant color, and a love for experimentation and change, to depict both traditional and modern Native subject matter and imagery. These two worlds are masterfully blended to give the patron a glimpse into present day Indian life; often creating a dynamic sense of unease. The results are works with bold imagery, influenced by historical and political events, which are filled with movement and emotion. With visual allure, Mr. Chee deconstructs the stories, myths, and culture of the Native people.

Of particular interest to Mr. Chee are the traditional myths about the Yeii’. The Navajo (Dine’) believe that all things are connected between the physical and spiritual worlds. The Yeii’ is the spiritual channel between these two worlds.

Ya’ a’t e’e’h

Ronald Chee Studio

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